Tuesday, 26 April 2016

River Usk salmon and river Towy,

Well the season has started but the fishing has been very slow, the season is running about 3/4 weeks behind what it should be. i have a few photos of some river Usk salmon, but as i said it has been very slow for springers this season. thr river Towy has been very slow with very few fish reported, have been told of one sewin of 14lb, plus two small salmon. flies have been going out in large numbers to Ireland , Scotland , south of England plus good numbers off to Russia , Norway , Sweden and a new country for me Japan. 

 The top three photos are of the beat i fish on the river Usk, and below the new rod i was trying out the Loomis NRX (green) 15ft what a great rod, and a few of my fly boxes.

 Above, My mate Ken Evans, with his two salmon so far this season off the river Usk. 15lb.

 The one above, is 19lb two very clean springers.
 Looking up at the bathing pool, on the river Towy.
 Looking down to the ladders, river Towy.
 Big tree gone in to the river, above the ladders. floods this year have changed the river a lot,.
 Looking down to the corner of the bathing pool.

 Looking out of the bathing pool.
 Above, a shrimpy tie that has done well with the salmon on the river Usk.
 Copper tube cascades, 3/4", 1" & 11/4" long.
 Calvin shrimp,
 Close up of the Calvin shrimp.
 Cascade, tied on Veniards Osprey doubles.
 Close up Cascade,
 Above, the Park shrimp

 Orange flamethrower, and close up below.
 Close up, kinermony killer,

 Kinermony killer.

 Above, Black and peacock tubes.
 Above, Black and silver.

 Williegunn copper tube,
 Williegunn copper tubes, 3/4", 1" and 11/4",
 Above, wake lure of mine for sewin. made with foam.

Above, close ups of my wake lures, if you have never used a wake fly for sewin. try it just great fun.
 Above, some of the colors i use for sewin. Ally tubes.
 And above, some of my glow in the dark snake flies.


Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Nine days to GO,

 Well nine days to go, and the sewin starts just cant wait. it seem an age since i have been on the river at night fishing for the best fish of all, cant get better then hooking one of these fish in the dark. more so if its a big one crashing out of the water on the end of your line, above are some of my early season patterns i use. do like a flashy pattern early in the season, but will say all four patterns fish well though the season for me. 
 Orange and yellow, 11/2" Ally tube size 6 Veniards Osprey double.
 Blue and silver, 11/2" Ally tube same hook as above.
 Blue and pink, 11/2" Ally tube.
 Classic Black and silver,
 Close up,
 close up.
 close up,
 close up,
 35mm Partridge waddington shanks,
 Blue and silver,
 Black and orange,
 Black and red,
 Squirrel blue and silver,
 Black and silver,
 35mm and 25mm williegunn Partridge Intruder shanks,
 25mm williegunn intruder,
 35mm williegunn intruder,
 Above my night intruder 35mm and 25mm partridge shanks,
 35mm shank,
 25mm shank,
These are Sean Stanton signature 10mm FRANC N SNAELDA Tubes off to Scotland.
 11/2" and 1" tubes off to Scotland,
 11/2" tube,
 Calvin shrimp, going to the south.
 Close up of calvin shrimp.
Some more Sean Stanton 14mm FRANC N SNAELDA TUBES off to Ireland. 
 Close up of tube,
 More tube in sizes 11/2" 11/4" & 1" Ally tubes.
 Close up.
Close up,
 Close up,
 Close up,
Close up, hope you like the flies up this nmonth.