Monday, 6 October 2014

season's end close.

Well its another season drawing to a close, how fast it has gone. and not helping was the low water in the rivers most of the year, with fish staying out at sea and not running till very late in the season. the early part was good April for some big sewin running the river Towy, as i write we have had a big rain fall and the river are on the rise. so there are a good number of salmon starting to come in to the river systems, i will be on the river Towy tomorrow water conditions willing. next week i will be off to British Columbia salmon fishing just cant wait to go, i have been tying flies for the trip. but customers orders have been coming in thick and fast this past year so has held me back on my flies, but will be topping them up this week. but i do have some nice photos of some salmon to post for you to see, plus flies hope you like them.

Above, Is a few of the intruders for my British Columbia trip, i will be tying a few more colors also some other patterns to go.

And here are a few salmon my mates Ken Evans and Spencer John caught on the river Usk, hopefully i will have a few this week. before i go on my trip to BC.

Here are a few prawn flies tied by myself for BC.
Purple prawn,
 Orange Prawn, Pink prawn.
 These i tied for a customer Who fishes the river Tees, all tied on size 8 doubles.
 Olive Toucan,
 Thunder and lighting,
 Silver stoat,
 Hairy Mary,
 Green Highlander,
Well thats it for this month, will let you know how i get on in BC with some photos.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sewin Flies and low rivers

So far this year, the rivers have been in very bad condition. with very little rain and very slow fish runs, we are coming to the end of July. which i am looking forward to as the nets come off the river Towy, and with the river being very low fish have not been running. and the the nets have been fishing two tide a day, plus day and night and it saddens me the number of multi spawners that have been killed. with sewin to 24lb we need these fish to stay in the system  for the future stocks. but like always man having money in hand, stops them thinking about tomorrow. it has been the slowest season i have see for along time,  

 Above my mate Andy, with a nice sewin of about 5lb off the Abercothi estate river Towy.
 Above the size of sewin i have had this season, this one a fish about 2lb on a 3" inch black & red snake fly. 
 Above a order of Garrydogs, tied on 3/4" & 1/2" tubes. lots of the orders of late are for small flies for the low water.
 Above a 3/4" Garrydog.
 1/2" Garrydog,
 Above, a mix of low water patterns on size 6 and 8 hooks.
 Above a Squirrel blue and silver, secret weapon .
 Black and silver secret weapon.
 Above, a set of Towy alrounders,
 Close up of the Towy alrounder,
 My take on the Alexander size 6 L/shank.
 Black and blue, size 6 L/shank.
 Black and red size6 L/shank.
 Above the set,
 Lately i have been tying with the Scandi style tubes plastic. above tubes ready for dressing.,
 Above,  Black and purple 1" tube.
 Above, 1" and plus 1/2" tubes.
 Above, same style tubes in 1/2" inch black and orange.
 Close up, of Orange and black. size 10 Partridge outpoint.
 I have also been tying DNA sandeel patterns for the bass.
 Above more DNA sandeels, on size 4 B175 hooks.
 Here you can see the size of DNA sandeels in my hand.

 Again a very popular pattern this season, my Medicine snake.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

More river Usk salmon, and flies.

 Well, My mate Ken Evans, has been at it again catching these fine looking salmon off the river Usk. as you can see super clean fresh  fish, and ranged from 12lb to 15lb he has been on a roll so far this season. and he also lost a fish in the 25lb+ size,

 I have only posted the flies i have tied for myself this time, as my boxes were very low so need a top up. above some of the snake fly patterns i use,
 Red and black with Amherst topping.
 Orange and black with Amherst topping,
 Black with Amherst topping,
 Blue and black,
 Pink and black,
 Above, some of the tubes i use,
 Above, 11/2" inch pink with Mirage body.
 Black with Mirage body,
 Black with Lazer mylar body.
 Above, some of the singles i use, love peacock sword in the dressing.
 Orange and peacock, with Amherst horns.
 Red with peacock, and Amherst horns.
 Above, a set of woolybuggers, for a trip to Iceland sea trout fishing. these patterns i had off the guide.,Tied on size 6 and 8.
 Pink Woolybugger,
 Black woolybugger,
 Orange woolybugger,
Black and silver woolybugger,